State of Pennsylvania Monument (Gettysburg)

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State of Pennsylvania Monument - Gettysburg NMP, Pennsylvania - Photo is Copyright Michael Kendra, taken April of 2002.
State of Pennsylvania Monument - Gettysburg NMP, Pennsylvania - NPS Photo, Date Unknown.

Battlefield: Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania

Location: At triangular block of Hancock, Humphreys, and Pleasanton Aves

Map Coordinates: +39° 48' 27.72", -77° 14' 6.36"

Monument Text

"The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in honor of her sons who on this field fought for the Preservation of the Union, July 1,2,3, 1863."
"Pennsylvania at Gettysburg, 69 Regiments of Infantry, 9 Regiments of Cavalry, 7 Batteries of Artillery, Total Present 34,530, Killed and Mortally Wounded 1182, Wounded 3137, Missing 860."
(On memorial: ninety bronze tablets listing the names of every Pennsylvanian who fought at Gettysburg)

Monument Details

Artist: Cotrell, W. Liance, Architect; Murray, Samuel A., Sculpter; Harrison Granite Co., Contractors

Dedicated: Sept. 27, 1910. Military statues installed April 1913. Memorial rededicated July 4, 1913.

Dimensions: H. 110 ft. x W. 100 ft.

Description: The Pennsylvania State Memorial consists of four huge archways topped by a dome adorned with a bronze female figure representing the Goddess of Victory and Peace. In her proper right hand she holds up a sword and in her proper left hand she holds a palm leaf of peace. Above each archway are granite monoliths containing battle scenes honoring the four branches of the service. And in the spandrels flanking each archway are classical maidens, each holding either a trumpet or a wreath of victory. Eight bronze statues of military figures are installed in niches on either side of the archways.

Cost: $189,650.00 (1910-1913)


In 1907, $150,000 was appropriated to erect a suitable memorial to honor all Pennsylvanians who participated in the battle at Gettysburg. The design submitted by architect W. Liance Cottrell was selected and the Harrison Granite Company was chosen to execute the design. Construction on the memorial began in the summer of 1909. However, at the time of the dedication on Sept. 27, 1910, the eight portrait statues Cottrell envisioned for the niches on either side of each archway were missing due to the lack of funds. In the year following the dedication, an additional $40,000 as appropriated to create the statues, and the Van Amringe Granite Company as given the contract. The statues were cast at the Gorham Manufacturing Company and were installed in April of 1913.

Standing 110 feet high, the State of Pennsylvania monument is made of North Carolina granite set over an iron and concrete frame. Its base is lined with bronze tablets listing the Pennsylvania regiments and batteries and the names of over 34,000 Pennsylvanians who participated in the battle.

Bronze statues of Pennsylvania generals George Meade, John Reynolds, Winfield Scott Hancock, David Birney, Alfred Pleasonton and David Gregg, Governor Andrew Curtin, and President Lincoln flank each of the arches.

A staircase carries visitors to the roof of the monument, which enjoys a panoramic view of the battlefield. Topping the dome is the figure of Winged Victory by sculptor Samuel Murray.

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Battlefield Location Map