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This page contains a list of current project goals of the editors of Each project can have multiple sub projects included. Each project will also have a status type assigned to it.

Status Types Include: Suggested, Planning, Started, In Progress, Incomplete, Stalled, Near Completion, Complete, Cancelled

Projects marked (CWT Transfer) are being copied from the CivilWarTalk Resource Pages.

If you'd like to help contribute to one of these categories, or suggest another category, please contact the webmaster.

High Priority Projects

  • General Categories (As Listed on the Homepage) - General
    • Add One or More Articles to Each Section: In Progress
    • Category Tree Hierarchy: In Progress
  • Civil War Battles - Battles & Campaigns
    • Top 10 Battles: Planning / Started
    • NPS Summaries: In Progress
    • Wikipedia Details: Started
  • Biographies - Biography
    • Generals: Started (CWT Transfer)
    • Politicians: Started (CWT Transfer) - Politics & Politicians
    • Wikipedia Details: Planning
  • Documents

Moderate Priority Projects

  • Civil War Monuments
    • Gettysburg: Started (CWT Transfer)
    • Antietam: Suggested
  • Dyers Compendium - Regimental Histories
    • Regimental Histories: Planning
    • State and Territory Histories: Planning
  • Arms & Ordnance - Arms & Ordnance
    • Small Arms: Planning
    • Artillery: Near Completion (CWT Transfer)
    • Famous Weapons: Near Completion (CWT Transfer)
  • Naval Warfare: Planning (CWT Transfer)
  • Contributed Articles: Planning (CWT Transfer)

Low Priority Projects

  • Medical Care
  • States Rights
  • Slavery
  • Abolitionism
  • Secession
  • Music of the Era
  • Infantry & Cavalry Drill
  • Sharpshooters
  • Colored Troops
  • Zouaves
  • Slave Life
  • Free Blacks
  • The Underground Railroad
  • The Trent Affair
  • European Shipbuilding
  • The Cotton Trade
  • Soldiers' Cemeteries
  • Reconstructing the South
  • Veterans Affairs

Projects for Consideration

If you'd like to suggest a project for this Wiki please contact the Webmaster on his contact page:

Completed Projects

  • None

Rejected Projects

  • None